Courses and workshops

Since 2013 I organize workshops on veganism. At the beginning, they were only face-to-face classes, now they are also online. In my courses we adopt a holistic vision, which combines theory (which I prefer to call “cultural training”) with cooking practice. In the workshops I usually teach how to prepare delicious vegan dishes, and also the reasons for this choice, that is, you will learn about a multiplicity of related topics: antispeciesism, nutrition, environmental sustainability and food sovereignty.

You can find some photos of the workshops in the photo gallery.

To participate, no previous experience is required, as the courses are designed for daily life, to make the change in our habits that we and the planet need.

The online courses are conducted through the Zoom platform and are open to people anywhere in the world.

To receive information about upcoming courses, I invite you to enter one of the following channels (in Spanish):